7 Steps to Create Massive Traffic To Your Web Site

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With the advent of universal search and social web; online marketing has changed and here are 7 Steps to Online Domination:

1. Write An Article: Writing an article on the subject that your prospects are searching online will make you an expert and your prospect more inclined to do business with you.  If your article is optimized with your keywords and submitted to article directories then you will also get search engine love.

2. Create A Press Release: Creating a Press Release about your company, product or service can get you on top of Google in hours. Google will show your Press Release under news section of the search results page. It is the fastest way to get on first page.

3. Write A Blog Post: Blogs are great way to generate lots of buzz and create credibility in marketplace. With RSS feeds you can quickly disseminate information among various blogs. Creating blog posts on keywords related to your service or product will bring traffic back to your blog.

4. Create A Video: Creating a video and submitting it to sites like YouTube can get you a lot of buzz. Videos can build trust with your prospects. You can tag videos with keywords you want that video to rank for and if you give optimized Title to your video you can really get top search engine ranking in hours.

5. Create A Podcast: Podcasts are now being used to create audio content (information) and distribute it to listeners. Podcasts are typically listened to on mp3 players like Apple’s iPod. You can create a podcast on your article, services or product and give out great value to prospects.

6. Create A Web 2.0 Property: Sites like Squidoo or Hubpage or Scribd are very powerful sites since most of the content is generated by users. You can create pages on these sites and put articles, video and podcast on these sites that will put your content in front of more prospects.

7. Social Bookmarking/Social Networking: Social bookmarking sites like Stumbleupon, Del.ico.us, Ma.gnolia, Furl and Simpy and Social news sites like Digg, Reddit, Newsvine are great sites to create bookmark for your site, your videos, articles, PR, photos etc. Social bookmarking sites allow you to quickly share your content with others. Social Networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN, Gooogle+ and Pinterest gets Millions of visits/day. Using these sites you can find targeted prospects, connect with them and give them content you have created. You can create groups, fan pages and start networking with others who have similar interest or who are interested in your business services and/or product.

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