Do You Leave A Good First Impression?

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LinkedInSnapshotLinkedIn is the perfect site to build your professional networks, keep in touch with connections, discover opportunities, develop relationships, build authority in your industry and find leads and opportunities for you and your business.

In this article I’ll share three tips for optimizing your profile for LinkedIn to ensure you leave a great First Impression!

1. Profile Photo – Have you updated your profile picture recently? Would someone recognize you at an event based on your profile picture? The profile photo is the very first item that stands out to someone when they look at your profile. The biggest mistake that I see people make is not having a simple headshot that clearly shows who they are. I have seen people include pets, kids, partners, scenery and worst of all not have a picture at all. If you haven’t updated the photo, simply take a headshot with your Smartphone (and if you don’t have one, have a friend take it) and change it out. (Tip: Please update your profile picture on all your social media properties to be the same so regardless of where someone connects with you they see a consistent message.)

2. Professional Headline – Your headline is an important asset on your LinkedIn profile. It is located right under your name and should tell a prospect and/or connection exactly what it is that you do. Include your keywords and grab their attention. Another point to consider with the headline is that it will follow you wherever you go on LinkedIn. If you send a message on LinkedIn to someone or if you were to post in a group and someone hovers over your picture, LinkedIn will display your name and headline. So take some time and revisit your headline and ensure you are leveraging this prime real estate.

3. Connections – People who are active on LinkedIn have spend time build their network and looking for others who have done the same. Now, that doesn’t mean that you need to add anyone to your network but I encourage you to conduct some “Advanced Searches” and start building connections of people who fit your “target market” or can be considered your “ideal client.” I love that once you are above 500 connections LinkedIn will show it as 500+ so you don’t have to feel as though we are in a popularity contest.

When adding connections here is the basic criteria I look for:

  • Good profile photo
  • Over 150 connections
  • Filled out at least 50% or more of their profile


If they don’t qualify with above, they are not as active on LinkedIn or take it seriously and connecting with them may not be fruitful.

LinkedIn is a powerful marketing tool and I encourage you to take a look at your profile today and put it through the test  and ensure that you have an updated profile picture,  a powerful, informative headline and have built up your connections to 500+ of your ideal target market.

Did you find these tips useful? What is the one take away that you are going to implement into your LinkedIn profile as a result of the tips shared here? Please leave it in the comments below…

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