On Page Optimization: Keyword Research Is Your First Step

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Keyword Research and On-Page OptimizationAs a Marketer of your business the first thing you need to know is your market and arguably for you also need to know what are your prospects typing in search engines to find products and services like yours.

So the first step in a successful search engine optimization process is to figure out list of targeted keywords for your business. There are various tools available for keywords research.

Tools mentioned here gives you what your prospects are typing and how many of them are typing a particular keyword or key phrase. This way you can get estimate of traffic.

While figuring out your target keywords; also keep in mind location, trade, product etc. will matter. Let me give you an example. If you are Plastic Surgeon in Austin, TX; most of your customers are going to be coming from Metro Austin area. Focusing on your region while researching for keywords gives you tremendous advantage.

How to use your keyword to create an optimized page:

Title Tag: A Title Tag of about 90 characters, inclusive of your most important keywords is good enough. For instance, the Title Tag of this article would be written as Keyword research, keyword analysis.

Meta Description Tag: You should write a Meta Description Tag of about 250 characters with your important keywords. Be careful about over-repetition. For instance, the Description tag of this article would be written as: Keyword research described: Learn all about keyword research, keyword analysis, keyword optimization and marketing keyword research.

 Keyword rich headlines and sub-headings placed in <H1> and <H2> tags, not only give a brief preview of what follows in the body copy, but also pass the most relevant information on the page or the subsequent paragraph. For instance, heading of this article reads: Keyword Research for Search Engine Optimization; followed by a sub-heading: Importance of Keyword Research for Search Engine Optimization

Body Text: Headlines in <H1> and <H2> Tags followed by keyword rich body text can improve your ranking chances.

Alt text / Alt Tag: Important keywords can be used in the text that appears when you bring your mouse over an image on a web page.

These are some of the ways you can use keyword research to get on page optimization. On Page optimization is only about 25% of SEO game. Rest is all about Off Page Optimization.

I would love to hear from you about different ways you have used for On Page Optimization

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